Let life
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Love - freedom
passion - smile

Born in Ghent in 1989, now living in Waterloo with her husband and two children.

Camille got her artistic sense thanks to her grandfather. When she was little, he took her to many museums to explore different art styles. He took her many times to Amsterdam and Paris to participate in art exhibitions.

Since she was little her blue eyes got attracted to contemporary art, such as Jackson Pollok, Keith Haring, Yves Klein, Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko and many other great artists.

She even won a painting contest when she was only 10 years old.

In October 1999, Camille won the “TALENS-ZOUTE CONCOURS” with her beach and sea painting, organized by CULTUREEL CENTRUM KNOKKE HEIST. Her painting was exhibited during 1 month.

She received the opportunity to participate in a painting workshop which she adored.

During the COVID period, she felt the need to feel free again and express her emotions and imagination.

With the help of her beloved husband, she rapidly installed a painting atelier in their basement. Since then, Camille paints every single day. She loves to dance and smiles a lot. Those are her two secret ingredients which make her paintings so unique and that is why she has no reproductions. Like she always says: « I want you to feel my positive vibes and energy, and put some light and good mood into your life and interior».

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Camille De Mûelenaere
Waterloo, Belgium